Excellence Award for Aesthetic Treatments 2023 - Central London

Helping its clients to achieve their aesthetic goals whilst maintaining its professionalism
at all times, Platinum Glow Aesthetics Ltd (Platinum Glow) brings the best aesthetics
treatments, procedures, and techniques from across the world to ensure complete
satisfaction every time. We find out more as the clinic is rewarded for its hard work in the
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023.

The clinic is highly experienced in working with difficult cases where
patients may have defects from previous accidents or from former
‘botched’ surgeries, and it works with patients from all around the
world including high-profile clients.


Platinum Glow is a firm that puts the client first and its values
are always to understand and prioritise a patient’s needs before
anything else. This is the key to successful outcomes, along
with the core value of being upfront, honest, and setting realistic
outcomes and expectations.


“We always advise honestly and if an outcome is not possible, we will
explain kindly to the patient before any plans are made,” elaborates
the company’s owner. “We always plan the procedures and treatments
together with our patients to ensure they will be satisfied; we don’t plan
procedures according to our wants only. Our values allow us to produce
excellent results as we plan the procedure according to patient wants
and needs, thus leaving us with happy patients.”


Based on its core values and customer-centric ethos, Platinum Glow’s
biggest success is in the amount of delighted return patients who come
back for further procedures. A return rate of 95% is admirable and down
to the fact that the clinic goes above and beyond to understand, listen,
and, ultimately, produce the best results for its patients.