Wellness Shots

Wellness shots (also known as vit shots or vitamin injections) are an effective, common sense way to optimise the benefits of supplemental vitamins and bolster overall health and wellbeing.

What are Vit injections?

Vitamin supplements have been popular for decades. But for just as long doctors and nutritionists have warned that taking vitamin capsules or tablets is an inefficient and often ineffective way of delivering necessary nutrients to the body. The vitamin injection bypasses destructive stomach acids and delivers the desired vitamins directly to the bloodstream. This efficacious delivery method enables the recipient to enjoy the full, uncompromised benefits of the vitamins being administered.

What kind of effect do they have?

The exact effect of a vit injection will vary from person to person. Why? Because each individual has their own nutritional needs and related deficiencies. The degree of deficiency and the severity of the symptoms produced by that deficiency will also vary. Therefore two people receiving the exact same vit injection are likely to experience two different results. One whose nutritional shortfalls were minimal may feel a bit more energy, while another whose vitamin deficiencies prior to the injection were more pronounced may experience enhanced mental acuity, increased stamina and better sleep.

Why should I have them done?

You should have vitamin injections at Platinum Glow Aesthetics because you want to feel better. You should have vit injections because you want to sleep better and be more alert during the day. You should have wellness shots because you want to prevent your skin from becoming dry and lifeless. You should also consider having vitamin injections to boost your immunity. Or you should have vitamin injections because you are trying to lose weight and you are concerned your weight loss diet may be subjecting you to nutritional shortfalls.

If you are wondering these questions then you have come to the right page!

Vitamin shots are so good for you where to we even begin to explain?

The idea of the injection is for the vitamin to go straight into the blood stream and work more effectively than tablets. Vit B12 injections were recently administered in hospitals to Covid 19 Patients due to its immune boosting qualities and made the effects of Covid more mild! If you google this you will see many articles. We recommend 1 a week over 4 weeks and then once every 4 – 6 weeks thereafter

Benefits of B12 injections

1. Better Moods and mental clarity

2. More energy

3. Boosts metabolism and aids weight loss

4. Better sleep

5. Healthy skin

6. Healthy hair

7. Makes red blood cells

8. Boosts immune system

Vit C shot benefits (start in Mid August to prepare for winter flu)

1. Immune system building

2. Wound healing

3. Collagen repair cell support

4. Joint pain relief

5. Cures common cold

6. Improves vision

7. Prevents wrinkles

Weight loss Cocktail injection

Our unique formula should be administered every 4 weeks to boost weight loss! Ask for more information!

Are there side effects?

You should not experience any negative side effects. Instead, any effects you do experience from the vit shots should be positive. As your body goes about absorbing these necessary nutrients you are likely to feel more energetic and clear-minded. You may also sleep better, gain relief from joint pain and if you are on a weight loss diet, you may notice you do not feel as hungry and fatigued as you did before. But results will vary.