Outpatient procedure  
Dressing change First 7 days
Time off work Not required
Anesthesia Local(numbed by injection) or topical
Recovery 2 Weeks

Non-surgical Breast Fillers

If you are looking for a safe and proven way to increase the size and enhance the shape of your breasts the professionals at Platinum Glow Aesthetics can help. We provide non-surgical breast filler treatments that produce the same or better results as breast augmentation surgery without the pain, risk, extensive recovery time or expense. If you want to ensure you always have a healthy and confident air about you our non-surgical breast fillers are the way to go.

About our breast fillers

Much like we can enhance the buttocks and hips with fillers, we are also able to fill the breasts with  approved body fillers.

The procedure is painless  and long lasting. We are able to increase the breast size by a few cup sizes at a time!

1. Procedure time: 1 hour to 3 hours 
2. Pain level : 0
3. Long lasting results!

Say goodbye to breast lift scars

Regardless of whether the cosmetic surgeon inserts the implants via a slit under the breast crease or via the underarm, there will be scarification. Many women are understandably anxious to avoid breast surgery scars and if you are one of them non-surgical breast fillers are the answer.

Surgeons will often try to minimize the importance of scarring or try to reassure their patients that the scars are barely noticeable. Sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re not. In addition, if you are unhappy with the results of breast augmentation surgery your only options are to either live with the unsatisfying results for the rest of your life or go back under the knife to have the implants removed, an unsettling possibility at best.

By contrast, the material used for non-surgical breast fillers is eventually absorbed by the body so if for some reason you are not happy with the result your body will naturally return to its previous state.

For the body you have always wanted without having to undergo dangerous and expensive surgery make an appointment today for non-surgical breast fillers at Platinum Glow Aesthetics.

What exactly are non-surgical breast fillers?

Non-surgical breast fillers are a minimally invasive method used by Platinum Glow Aesthetics to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. This alternative to traditional surgery offers comparable, if not superior, results without the typical risks and extended recovery times.

How does the procedure compare to traditional breast surgery in terms of pain and recovery?

The procedure is virtually painless, boasting a pain level rating of 0. Recovery is swift, requiring just 2 weeks, unlike more extended recovery periods often associated with surgical options. Plus, there’s no need for time off work, making it highly convenient for our clients.

Are there any lasting scars post-procedure?

One of the significant advantages of non-surgical breast fillers over surgical augmentation is the absence of scarring. Clients can confidently enhance their breasts without the worry of lasting scarification.

How long do the results from the fillers last, and what if Im not satisfied?

The non-surgical breast fillers used by Platinum Glow Aesthetics provide long-lasting results, with the filler material being naturally absorbed ooversome years. If, for any reason, a client isn’t pleased with the outcome, the breasts will gradually revert to their previous state after some time. Top-up treatments are available for those wishing to maintain their enhanced look.

What can I expect in terms of size increase with the fillers?

With our non-surgical breast fillers, you can anticipate an enhancement ranging from half a cup size to a full cup size in a single session. This provides a noticeable but natural enhancement tailored to your desired outcome.

Do I need any special aftercare or follow-ups post-procedure?

For the first 7 days post-procedure, a dressing change is recommended, sometimes longer. While the initial recovery takes about 2 weeks, our team at Platinum Glow Aesthetics advises periodic check-ins to ensure optimal results and address any concerns you might have. Regular top-ups can be scheduled as desired to maintain the enhanced look.

What ensures the safety of these fillers?

The fillers are MHRA-approved, having undergone rigorous clinical trials. They’re fully compatible with human physiology, ensuring safety and compatibility.

How can I book a session?

For those seeking a natural, enhanced look without the complications of surgery, Platinum Glow Aesthetics is here to help. Schedule your appointment for non-surgical breast fillers with our expert team today.

For any additional queries or details on our non-surgical breast fillers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Platinum Glow Aesthetics.

Bruising and swelling may occur  
No swimming sauna or steam room 10 days-2 weeks  
We provide aftercare kits and instructions on how to keep clean  
it takes 2 weeks to settle  
No compression garments after