Outpatient procedure  
Dressing change First 7 days
Time off work Not required
Anesthesia Local(numbed by injection) or Topical
Recovery 2 Weeks

Non-surgical BBL Fillers

If you plan to spend time on the beach this summer you will want to ensure you feel confident and look your very best at all times. For some women that means enhancing the shape of their buttocks to achieve the curvier profile that is so in vogue these days.

If you are looking for a non-surgical way to achieve the curvaceous body you’ve always wanted, the experts at Platinum Glow Aesthetics can help. Our non-surgical, non-invasive buttocks filler treatments provide the shape and volume you desire with none of the dangers, pain or extensive downtime associated with buttocks enhancement surgery.

What are buttock fillers?

Buttock augmentation injections are filled with volumizing substances, such as hyaluronic acid. They're injected directly into the buttocks and are FDA approved.

We perform the procedure under local anaesthetic so our patients are comfortable and not in any pain or discomfort. The results are seen immediately. We can use this procedure to fill hip dips, augment the glutes or breasts.  The procedure is done with a local anaesthetic which is prescribed for our patients, or  it can be done by topical anaesthesia. This cannot be performed on patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to get pregnant in the next few months.

After the procedure there may be swelling  bruising  and pain which is normal. Patients will not be able to sit for a few days and should keep their incision clean and dry to avoid infection. It is important to follow given aftercare instructions strictly.

We are able to achieve your desired changes with Buttock fillers without the need for surgery. At Platinum glow aesthetics we have performed countless non surgical BBLs’s and have many case studies. We are becoming evermore popular in the industry for Buttock enlargement with fillers and have great contouring techniques. If you are looking to increase the size of your buttocks or shape the hips and glutes then this may be the procedure for you! Don’t be shy and send us a message or even call us and we will be delighted to help you.

Advantages of a non surgical BBl?

1. Immediate results

2. No need for general anaesthesia

3. Gets rid of hip dips

4. Enlarges buttocks

5. Boosts confidence

How long does the procedure take?

1. 100ml takes around 45minuites

2. 200 ml takes around 1 hour 20 mins

3. 300ml takes around 1 hour 50mins

What is a non surgical bbl?

A non surgical BBL is a procedure designed to enlarge, contour and shape glutes as well as fill in any hip dips and make the hips curvier. It involves injecting fillers into the region we wish to shape and enlarge in order to achieve desired results. Anyone who complains of:

1. Hip dips

2. Loss of buttock/glute volume

3. Those wanting more projection in the glute area

4. Those who wish to have a curvier shape in the hip and buttock region

How much should I get?

Generally, we advise that in order to be able to notice a difference a minimum of 50ml per side so 100ml total should be put in. The hips and glutes are two separate areas so if you want hips and glutes minimum 50ml hips and 50ml glutes should be placed per side. If you have dips and loss of volume 100ml is recommended per side. If you are unsure please forward us your photos and a recommended amount will be offered to you.

What are some of the benefits of non-surgical buttocks filler treatments?

Non-surgical buttocks fillers have numerous advantages over surgical buttocks augmentation. Those benefits include:

1. Less downtime: Because the procedure is non-surgical you will experience less downtime following treatment than you would be subjected to if you opted for surgery.

2. Less painful: Buttocks enhancement surgery is not only extremely invasive it is also extremely painful. People undergoing buttocks enhancement surgery typically require general anaesthesia and are in significant pain for quite some time after the operation. That is not the case with buttocks fillers.

3. Less risk: Regardless of the surgeon’s experience level undergoing surgery is a risky endeavour. There are no such risks associated with buttocks fillers.

4. Minimal side effects: While you will need to take it easy for a couple of days after the procedure there are usually no other significant side effects of buttocks fillers. Also, unlike surgery, the risk of scarring is virtually non-existent.

5. Great looking results: The results achieved through buttocks fillers often have a much more natural look and feel to them than surgical results.

6. You can always go back to the way you were: With buttocks enhancement surgery you are stuck with the results whether you like them or not. With buttocks fillers, the material injected into your buttocks will eventually be absorbed by the body and you will return to your previous appearance. Unless of course you are pleased with the results. In which case simply return to Platinum Glow Aesthetics for a top-up procedure.

Non-Surgical BBl

1. What exactly are non-surgical BBL fillers?

Non-surgical BBL fillers are a minimally invasive procedure designed to enhance and shape the glutes, contour the hips, and fill in hip dips. It uses FDA-approved volumizing substances, like hyaluronic acid, injected directly into desired areas, producing a more curvaceous body profile.

2. How long will the results last?

The results from our non-surgical BBL fillers can last for years, depending on an individual’s metabolism. If you love the outcome, you can always visit Platinum Glow Aesthetics for a top-up procedure.

3. Is the non-surgical BBL fillers procedure painful?

No, the procedure is done under local or topical anaesthesia to ensure patients are comfortable. Most patients report minimal to no discomfort during and after the treatment.

4. How long is the recovery period?

The recovery time for non-surgical BBL fillers is approximately 2 weeks. Patients might experience some swelling and bruising, which is normal. It’s essential to follow our aftercare instructions, including avoiding sitting directly on the treated area for a few days.

5. What are the advantages of non-surgical BBL fillers over traditional BBL surgery?

Non-surgical BBL fillers offer several benefits: immediate results, no general anaesthesia, minimal downtime, reduced pain, and fewer risks. Additionally, the results often appear more natural, and there’s virtually no scarring. Plus, if you ever change your mind, the filler material is absorbed by the body over time.

6. Who is an ideal candidate for non-surgical BBL fillers?

Those who are looking to address hip dips, enhance glute volume, desire more projection in the glute area, or wish to have a curvier shape in the hip and buttock region are ideal candidates. It’s essential to consult with our experts at Platinum Glow Aesthetics to determine the best treatment plan.

7. Can I customize the amount of filler I get?

Absolutely. Depending on your desired outcome and natural body shape, we recommend a minimum of 50ml per side for noticeable differences. If you’re unsure about the volume, send us your photos, and our team will provide a tailored recommendation.

8. Is it safe for everyone?

While non-surgical BBL fillers are safe for most individuals, they may not be suitable for patients allergic to lidocaine or those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to conceive in the near future there are always risks associated that need to be considered.

how can i get rid of hip dips?

We can instantly elliminate hip dips with hip dip filler, you will have immediate long lasting results. Get rid of hip dips without excersize, get rid of hip dips without surgery.

How can i grow my glutes?

Buttock filler can be used to grow the glutes instantly with safe and long lasting results!

Bruising and swelling may occur  
No swimming sauna or steam room 10 days-2 weeks  
We provide aftercare kits and instructions on how to keep clean  
Using a bbl pillow is reccommended  
No compression garments after